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Gyms, fitness and well-being in Leeds

If you live in Leeds City Centre and want to maintain your fitness and wellbeing, there are plenty of great gyms, fitness centers, and outdoor activities available suitable for all budgets. Now set that alarm and don't forget leg day! 

Here's a guide to help you stay healthy and fit in Leeds:


Pure Gym

With multiple locations across Leeds, PureGym offers affordable, 24/7 access to a wide range of workout equipment and classes.

The Gym Group

Another budget-friendly option with various locations in Leeds, The Gym Group provides modern facilities and flexible membership options.

Nuffield Health Leeds

This health and fitness club provides gym access, swimming facilities, group exercise classes, and health assessments.

Leeds University Gym

If you're affiliated with the University of Leeds, you can access their well-equipped campus gym and participate in fitness classes.

JD Gyms

Situated on Kirkstall Road, JD Gyms offers modern equipment, classes, and a stylish atmosphere.

A little further afield...

David Lloyd Clubs

Located on the ring road (but worth the drive), this upscale fitness club offers a comprehensive range of facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, and spa.

Image Credit: Pure Gym

Credit: Instagram @leedsdock

Outdoor Activities

Leeds Canal Towpath

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal provides a scenic route for walking, running, and cycling. It's a peaceful escape from the city. You can even try paddleboarding

Roundhay Park

This expansive park in Leeds offers plenty of open space for jogging, picnicking, and outdoor workouts. You can also explore the park's woodland trails.

Woodhouse Moor

Located close to the city center, Woodhouse Moor is a popular spot for jogging, yoga, and other outdoor activities.

Meanwood Valley Trail

This 7-mile trail takes you through woodlands and parks, providing an ideal setting for hiking and nature walks.

Image Credit: Instagram @leedsdock

Fitness Classes and Studios

Ryde studios 

Ryde Studios offers a wide range of classes, aiming to provide a fun, full body workout to the beat and the base of energising music. 

Yoga Hero

Offers a variety of yoga classes and workshops for all levels of experience.

City Blog Climbing Wall Leeds

If you're into climbing, this indoor climbing center offers bouldering and climbing lessons.

CrossFit Leeds

A CrossFit gym with classes for all fitness levels, focusing on functional fitness and strength training.

Image Credit: Ryde Studio

Health and Nutrition

Local Farmers' Markets

Visit the Leeds Farmers' Market to access fresh, locally-sourced produce for a healthy diet.

Healthy Restaurants

Leeds has numerous restaurants that offer healthy and nutritious menu options. Look for places that emphasize fresh ingredients and whole foods. Some of our favourites include Eat your Greens, FINT and Wolføx. 

Image Credit: Leeds Outdoor Markets